Plate Heat Exchangers

We offer the full PHE spectrum. Within the three product groups, process-optimised model series make up a range that seeks parallel in its width and depth and that can be individually adapted to the needs of OEMs, plant engineering companies or end customers.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers have easy maintenance and the flexibility to adapt to changes in production requirements. This strength makes them the plate heat exchanger of choice for a wide range of applications. Depending on the intended use there is a wide choice of gasket materials from NBR through to Viton.

Fully welded plate heat exchangers are typified by their small size and comparatively low investment costs. They are particularly sturdy and have only low maintenance requirements. The design advantages come to the fore where both high performance and stability under load are required. Each series of models has its own particular advantages and fields of application.

Brazed plate heat exchangers comprise an individually defined number of high-quality embossed special steel plates that are permanently bonded with each other in a special vacuum brazing process using copper or nickel. They are hermetically tight without the need for any gaskets and can therefore withstand high operating pressures and temperatures.