Industrial Pumps

We through our flagship firm Incom Power and Garnet Powertech market a wide range of pumps for Industrial usage. Our range includes Horizontal Split Casing Pump, End Suction Back Pull-out Pump, Multistage Pumps, Vertical Sump Pump, Vertical Turbine Pump, Horizontal Slurry Pump, Vertical Slurry Sump Pump, FRP Horizontal/Vertical Centrifugal Chemical Process Pump, High Pressure Plunger Pump, Non-Clog Submersible Sewage Pumps, Submersible Dewatering Pumps etc.

Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Ranging from smaller Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) pumps to the world’s largest hose pumps used in very heavy industrial applications.

Sanitary Napkin Dispensers & Incinerators

Sanitary Napkin Incinerators are used for instant disposal of used sanitary napkins in a scientific and hygienic ways. It is a convenient and safe method to destroy Napkins for all institution and buildings. It helps to maintain a pollution free environment & prevents clogging of drainage system. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines makes your life normal and tension free even during those days. It provides napkins right in your hand wherever you are in need. Just drop a Coin, pick a napkin. It is as simple as that.

Garnet Adharsheela - Play School & Activity Centre

Garnet Adharsheela – Ghaziabad’s best playway school, strives to equip our little disciples with strong cementing ingredients, mental and emotional, to enable them to build their own independent foundations on which they can raise structures of their individual dreams.

Finguard - Door safety product

Finguard™ India is a unique, innovative, dependable and trustworthy partner in providing finger safety products and services. Our wide range of products have benefited corporates, real estate property developers, school, daycare centers, hospitals and homes. The entire product range is patented while being durable and aesthetically pleasing and can be installed easily on doors. Our products are a first of its kind to be Made in India Our mission is to eliminate the risk of injuries caused by fingers getting trapped or caught between the door frames and hinges. Especially in the case of children since they are unaware of it's danger and can lead to the loss of a limb.

Plate Heat Exchangers

We offer full spectrum of plate heat exchangers within the three product groups - Gasketed, Fully Welded and Brazed. Plate heat exchangers are used to transfer heat and are one of the central components in process engineering. Plate heat exchangers, or PHEs, are essential in the production of foodstuffs, chemicals, medicines or biofuels and for air-conditioning in buildings or in generating electricity.

Goodwin Pumps

Goodwin Submersible Slurry Pumps are designed and precision engineered to endure and perform in the most demanding enviornment. The heavy duty pumps are equipped with a patented external inducer that breaks down and re-suspended settled or compacted solids, allowing them to easily transfer a very high percentage of solid to water. Goodwin have designed and manufactured Submersible Slurry Pumps for over thirty years.

Magnetic Plates

Our range of Magnetic Plates find application especially in Coal Handling Plants (CHP) in Thermal power generating stations. When huge quantities of coal is dumped & moved on a conveyor, sometimes small and big holes get formed on them. There will be leakage of coal when such holes appear. Power generation being a continuous operation, it is not possible to stop the process every time to repair the leaks. To bridge the leak, these high power magnetic plates are used.

Roof Top Solar Plants

We in partnership with SunSource Energy develops, engineers, procures, constructs, and operates solar power plants and projects, to help Clients in institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors use solar energy more intelligently and efficiently.

UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program

We represent UCMAS in the state of Bihar & Uttarakhand and city of Ghaziabad. UCMAS today is India’s best and largest Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program with more than 6.0 lakh children enrolled in 3500 centres.

Corporate Social Responsibility

On our bid to return to society, we do carry works of social importance with our foundation Garnet Foundation or Lions Club International.